Who's the girl from Naples?

Drawing by  Paul Shinn    

Drawing by Paul Shinn


It's me, 

Claudia Cardillo!

My surname in italian means 'goldfinch", which in many neapolitan songs is the messenger of love.

Well, I will be the messenger of love for my beautiful city of Naples, or Napoli in italian.

Born in Naples,  I studied History of Art and moved to London a decade ago.  Don't get me wrong, I love London and Londoners (in fact I have married one!).  But my heart is definitely still in Naples.  Living in the UK has made me realise how little people know about my city, or things that they did know were only negative.  It might be chaotic, noisy and confusing but it is also vibrant, lively and beautiful.  I would like to open up the city to you, to show you the incredible sights and experiences that you might otherwise miss. So follow my tips and advice to enjoy a city you will never forget! 

Buon divertimento! 



Welcome to my website and blog! I am writing it just to help tourists to get around into my city.  Although I do my best to keep all the information up to date and correct, always double check before you go. This is not a commercial enterprise, but only a personal website with my own thoughts and personal opinions.

All the photos in this website and page are mine.