San Giovanni a Carbonara

Between via Foria and via Carbonara, there is San Giovanni a Carbonara church.  This is one of the most interesting churches in Napoli.  Built just outside the Angevin city walls, it has its origin in the name (carbonarius) an area where garbage was collected and then burnt.  This land was donated to the Augustinian monks in order for them to build a new church.  The works started around 1343 and lasted until 1418 incorporating an old church.   The interior is decorated in Baroque style.  Parts of it were damaged in the second world war and have since been reconstructed.  Noteworthy is the imposing Funerary Monument to Ruggero Sanseverino (1445), the Monument to Ladislas of Durazzo (1414) son of king Charles III, the impressive Caracciolo del Sole Chapel (1427) and the Caracciolo di Vico Chapel, with monuments to the aristocratic family of Caracciolo. 


via Carbonara, 5 - 80100 Napoli 

Tel.: +39 081 295 873

Free entry

Opening hours:  Mon - Sat 09.00 - 18.00

Nearest metro station:  Linea 2 - CAVOUR