Pharmacy of the Incurabili - Farmacia degli Incurabili

Not far from the Archeological Museum, in piazza Cavour, there is the Pharmacy of the Incurabili.  This is a unique place to visit.  Ii is not a normal museum or art gallery or a hospital.  It is much more.  it's a historical pharmacy, a church, a cloister and a library.  The Pharmacy is part of the convent of Santa Chiara degli Incurabili (lit. incurable), which was founded between 1520 and 1522 by the Catalan noble woman Maria Lorenza Longo, who dedicated herself to helping ill and poor people.  In those years Napoli was struck by plague and other infectious diseases, that is why so many religious orders and members of the Neapolitan nobility tried to give comfort and help to the population of Naples, opening new convents and hospitals.  During the seventeenth century the complex of the Incurabili was subjected to many enlargements thanks to the ever increasing donations.  Many important works were made from 1729 by the architect Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, who was also active in other buildings in Napoli.  The new space of the pharmacy was divided into two halls, a laboratory and a reception room.  The walls of the rooms are covered by six-tier cabinets in briarwood-veneered walnut and a majolica and terracotta floor.  Every section has shelves containing polychrome vases (originally 480 and dated 1747-48) portraying biblical scenes.  

Official website:

Via Maria Longo 50 - 80138 Napoli

Tel.: +39 081 440 647


Opening hours:  Museum, Mon - Tue and Thru 09.00 - 13.00 / Pharmacy, Wed, Fri and Sat 09.00 - 17.00

Nearest metro station: Linea 1 - MUSEO