Coming from Piazza Dante or the Archeological Museum, there is the the church of San Pietro a Maiella, one of the most important monuments of Angevin architecture.  Very little remains of the medieval features and ornaments of the building, as in the seventeenth century the church was altered in the Baroque style.  Many Neapolitan artists worked here, like Mattia Preti who painted the famous ceiling (dated 1657 - 1659) and Cosimo Fanzago who designed the high altar (1685) in polychrome marble and precious stones.  Since 1826, the convent annexed to the church has housed the Conservatory of Music of San Pietro a Maiella, where many important composers and musicians performed and still do. 


Official website: San Pietro a Majella

Via San Pietro a Majella, 35 - 80138 Napoli

Tel.: +39 081 544 92 55


Nearest metro station:  Linea 1 - DANTE