How to get to Naples


Alibus ticket.

Alibus ticket.


Capodichino is one of the most important airports in Italy and has regular international and domestic flights with many airlines, like EasyJet, British Airways, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Vueling, Air France and direct flights to and from New York with Meridiana.  Once you have landed, you can take shuttle buses Alibus to Piazza Municipio (harbour area and metro Linea 1) and to Piazza Garibaldi (Central Station and metro).  

The cost of the shuttles is € 4, you can buy the tickets on the bus or from any newspaper shops (tabaccherie/edicole) .  They run every 20 minutes from 06.30am until midnight.  



At the airport arrivals sings with all the taxi fees.

At the airport arrivals sings with all the taxi fees.

Taxi fares are: 

€ 16 to stazione centrale (main train station), centro storico (inner city).

€ 19 to Piazza Municipio, Molo Beverello (port) and Piazza Plebiscito.

€ 23 to Lungomare (promenade, hotels and port), San Martino Museum, Vomero/Arenella area, Chiaia/San Ferdinando area, Fuorigrotta/Bagnoli and Posillipo.

€ 40 to Solfatara, Pozzuoli (one way).

€ 60 archeological site of Cuma.

€ 70 Herculaneum (including return and 2 hours stop to visit the archeological site), panoramic tour to the centre of Napoli.

€ 85 to the archeological site of Baia, Solfatara (including return and 3 hours stop to visit the area).

€ 90 Pompeii (including return and 2 hours stop to visit the archeological site), Vesuvius (including return and 2 hours stop to visit the crater).

€ 100 Sorrento (one way), Royal Palace of Caserta (including return and 2 hours stop to visit the palace).

€ 120 Positano (one way).

€ 130 Amalfi (one way), Herculaneum-Pompeii (including return and 3 hours stop).

€ 300 Cassino Abbey (including return and 2 hours stop to visit the site), Cassino city (one way).


The fee includes every extra: from/to the airport, night time surcharge, holiday, fees for the motorway, animals and calls independently of the passengers number.  When you take the taxi always double check the fare and make sure the driver is official with the symbol of Naples borough on their taxi. 



There are three train stations:

Stazione Centrale (Piazza Garibaldi) is the main station with trains coming from all over Italy, including the new fast trains of Italo and Freccia Rossa. This station is linked with the metropolitan Linea 1 and Circumvesuviana (the trains to the Sorrento coast).

From May to October, there is also the Campania Express a fast train connecting only Napoli - Herculaneum - Oplonti - Pompeii - Sorrento.  Trains run four times a day, with the possibility to reserve seats and air conditioned.  Tickets are available at Stazione Centrale, at the airport of Capodichino or at the Circumvesuviana station. For further info visit the official website of the Campania Express here.

Timetable from Napoli to Sorrento:

  • Napoli Porta Nolana – 09.06 – 11.36 – 15.36 – 18.06
  • Napoli Piazza Garibaldi – 09.09 – 11.39 – 15.39 – 18.09
  • Ercolano Scavi – 09.20 – 11.50 – 15.50 – 18.20
  • Pompei Scavi/Villa dei Misteri -9.38 – 12.08 – 13.39 – 16.08 – 18.38 – 20.06

Sorrento to Napoli:

  • Sorrento 10.20 – 12.56 (Pompeii only)  – 14.08 – 17.00 – 19.20 (Pompeii only) – 21.00
  • Pompei Scavi/Villa dei Misteri – 10.43 – 14.34 – 17.19 – 21.21
  • Ercolano Scavi – 10.58 – 14.55 – 17.35 – 21.37
  • Napoli Piazza Garibaldi – 11.08 – 15.09 – 17.50 – 21.52

 Campania Express 2017 Tickets:

  • Napoli – Sorrento: € 15,00 with return| € 8,00 € one way
  • Napoli – Ercolano: € 7,00 with return | € 4,00 one way
  • Napoli – Pompei Villa Misteri: € 11,00 with return | € 6,00 one way
  • Sorrento – Pompei Villa Misteri: € 7,00 with return | € 4,00 one way
  • Sorrento – Ercolano: € 11,00 with return | € 6,00 one way
  • Ercolano – Pompei Villa Misteri: € 7,00 with return | € 4,00 one way


Napoli Mergellina is a station close to the port of Molo Mergellina, where there are hydrofoil (aliscafi) to the islands of Capri and Ischia (see at the bottom of the page for the Port section).


If you are coming from northern Italy the motorway is called Autostrada del Sole Milano-Napoli.  Follow the signs for Napoli Centro-Porto-Stazione Marittima-Stazione Centrale.  From the south you need to take Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway.


Getting Around NAPLES.

Getting around...

Getting around...

In Naples it's quite easy getting around as the inner city and the promenade are around 30 minutes walk from each other. So walking is definitely the best way to enjoy it.

However you can easily take the metropolitan Linea 1 or the famous funiculars from the city centre to the highest part of the city.


The metropolitana collinare (hill) Linea 1 is one line that connects the main parts of the centre to the hilly residential areas like Vanvitelli, Medaglie d'oro, Montedonzelli, Rione Alto, Pliclinico (hospital area), Colli Aminei and so on until the most external areas.  

Metropolitan Linea 1.  

Metropolitan Linea 1.  

Metropolitan: Toledo Station.

Metropolitan: Toledo Station.

On the same line you will need to get off Museo stop for the Archeological Museum; Dante and Toledo stops for the old town and via Toledo (shopping high street); Municipio is the nearest station to the port.  Garibaldi is the last stop, for the main train station. 

The first train in the morning is at 6.00 from Piscinola and at 6.20 from Garibaldi.  Last train at night is at 22.20 from Piscinola and at 23.02 from Garibaldi.  The last train at night on Fridays and Saturdays is 00.48 from Piscinola and at 01.32 from Garibaldi.  


This is the schedule from the official website of the neapolitain transports (ANM).  However always double check before travelling. 


Funicular ticket machines are in every station.  However it's handy having a few coins on you as they only take cash!

Funicular ticket machines are in every station.  However it's handy having a few coins on you as they only take cash!

There are also four funicular railways;

Chiaia, CentraleMontesanto and Mergellina.  

All funiculars connect the area of the Vomero with the old town and main high streets.  At the moment, the funicolare Centrale is closed for engineering works, probably until June 2017.  I will keep you updated for any news on that.

The funicular Chiaia is located at via Cimarosa (Vomero area) and has four stops Cimarosa-Palazzolo-Corso Vottorio Emanuele-Parco Margherita; from here you can change with the metropolitana Linea 2. The station is open from 6.30 in the morning until 00.30 at night; until 02.00 on Fridays and Saturdays.  While on Wednesdays and Thursdays the service will close at 22.00.  Trains are every 10 minutes.  From the Chiaia station there is a subway that will take you straight away to the metropolitana Linea 1, piazza Vanvitelli stop.  Just a curiosity: the Chiaia funicular was the first to be open in Napoli in 1889.  Initially it a steam train, but in 1900 was substituted with electric trains.  

Kiosk in via Toledo where you can buy tickets.

Kiosk in via Toledo where you can buy tickets.

Another funicular is Montesanto situated at via Morghen and has three stops: Morghen-Corso Vottorio Emanuele-Montesanto.  The station is open in the morning at 7.00 until 22.00.  Trains are every 10 minutes.  This funicular is more 'modern' as it was opened in 1891 and the entrance at Montesanto keeps the original art nouveau features.  At this stop it is possible to connect to others trains lines, like Cumana, Circumflegrea and Linea 2. 

The funicolare of Mergellina is situated in via Manzoni and has five stops: via Manzoni-Parco Angelina-S. Gioacchino-S.Antonio-Mergellina.  The station opens at 07.00 until 22.00.  Trains are every 12 minutes.  Opened in 1931, is the youngest of all funicolari and was built to connect the new residential area of Posillipo.  


Circumvesuviana and Cumana are the two railways for the areas outside Naples. The Circumvesuviana operates services to the East of the city including Portici, Herculaneum, Torre Annunziata, Oplonti, Pompeii, Castellamare di Stabia, Scrajo, Vico Equenze, Seiano, Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant'Agnello and Sorrento, which is the last stop.  Trains start from Napoli Porta Nolana terminus and passing through Napoli Garibaldi station.  The entire journey takes about an hour.

The Cumana railway connects areas to the West like Cuma, Bacoli, passing through Pozzuoli to the vulcanic area of Campi Flegrei.  It has two routes one from Montesanto, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Fuorigrotta, Mostra, Zoo-Edenlandia, through Bagnoli, Pozzuoli and ending at Torregaveta; the other route from Montesanto, through Soccavo (stadium area), Cuma and Torregaveta. 

For both Circumvesuviana and Cumana you can buy tickets at any kiosk, machine and tabaccherie shop like the tickets for Naples.

The metropolitan and funicular close quite early so I suggest to ask the staff what time is the last train. 

Tickets are the same for both metropolitana and funicolare and can be bought in any newspaper kiosk, shop (Tabaccherie), inside the station or at the machines (which all take only cash!).

There are different tickets that you can use.  All tickets are valid for buses, metropolitana and funicolare.  Many tickets for every needs and prices.  You can find different types of tickets to get around, here you are the most useful:

The entrance to the funicolare centrale from via Toledo.

The entrance to the funicolare centrale from via Toledo.

Ticket desk at the funicolare of Chiaia, in Cimarosa station.

Ticket desk at the funicolare of Chiaia, in Cimarosa station.

Ticket Corsa singola € 1 : valid for just one journey on buses, metropolitana and funicular.

Ticket Tic € 1,50 :  valid for 90 minutes from the moment you start your journey and can be used on all busses without limits, just one journey on funicular, metropolitana, circumvesuviana, cumana and circumflegrea (always within 90 minutes).

Ticket Giornaliero € 3,50 :  daily ticket, valid 24 hours from the start of your journey and can be used on all transports within Napoli, funicular, buses and metropolitana.

Ticket Settimanale € 12,00 :  weekly ticket, valid from the start of your journey for 7 days on all buses, metropolitana and funicular within the Napoli area. 

Ticket Mensile € 35,00 : monthly ticket, valid for 30 days from the first journey, can be used on all buses, metropolitana and funicular.

Tickets for areas outside Napoli (Purple) can be purchased as well as the ones for the city.  The cost can vary in base of the destination, in general it's a minimum of € 1,20 to a maximum of € 2,00 one way. 

In case you are staying longer, there is also a seasonal ticket valid for a year, fees depend on the journey and again valid for all lines and transports. Available the official app Unico Campania to buy tickets and check trains times.

Like every city, in Napoli has open top buses which take tourists around the city to the most interesting sights with descriptions in 8 languages.  Like all the other touristic buses there are different tours, including Museums, views of the gulf and San Martino.   If you are interested in this tour check the official website

Campania Artecard is very useful as it gives access to many Museums and transport in Napoli and throughtout the region.  Just one card combines buses, metropolitana and funicular and entrance to the Museum without queueing up.  Check on the official website for more info. 


Funicolare of Chiaia.

Funicolare of Chiaia.

Funicolare centrale at Piazza Fuga. Temporary closed until June 2017.

Funicolare centrale at Piazza Fuga. Temporary closed until June 2017.

Funicolare of Montesanto.

Funicolare of Montesanto.


The port of Naples is one of the most important in Italy since Medieval times.  Molo Beverello is the main port and is connected by the airport (with the Alibus shuttle) and the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, Sorrento, Palermo, Catania, Lipari, Panarea, Ponza, Cagliari, Salina, Stromboli and Vulcano.  Porto di Mergellina is the second port of the city and it is another route to Capri and Ischia.  Another port is the one in Pozzuoli, which is a bit outside the city but it is connected to the motorways.


Where to stay.

Nowadays it's very easy to find a reasonable place to stay.  There are lots of hotels to stay in Naples, airbnb and bed and breakfast are popular. My tip is to check the 4/5 star hotels, as quite often they have super offers, especially after the high season, like the second half of August, September, October and March to June. I personally suggest areas that are well connected and nice, such as via Chiaia, piazza Dante, Mezzocannone, Tribunali and Vomero (San Martino, piazza Vanvitelli, via Luca Giordano).  The area near the Piazza Garibaldi station is generally the cheapest but it is quite gritty and edgy, although improvements are being made.  If are not sure or you would like to double check you can always email me and I would be happy to answer to any enquire.